• Thank you for volunteering for Art Masterpiece! Please see below for a guide in getting started.

    1. Email the other parent volunteers in your class to: (a) discuss days and times that work well for everyone. (b) decide on who will teach the lessons (e.g., taking turns or sharing) (c) decide who will be the lead in contacting the teacher.

    2. If you are the volunteer who will contact the teacher, email the teacher as soon as possible to set up dates and times of lessons. Some teachers prefer to set up the whole year at one time and others prefer to set up each month separately.

    3. Reserve your classroom materials bin. Please use the sign-up link below for your grade level. It is important to sign-up using Sign-up Genius calendar so that we do not have more than one lesson occurring at the same time for each grade level (each grade level bin contains materials for one class at a time)."

    Kindergarten     First     Second     Third     Fourth     Fifth     Sixth

    4. Before the date of your lesson: Briefly review the designated lesson. See separate handout on how to access the lessons.

    5. Day of the lesson: Please arrive 15-20 minutes early. Sign-in at the front office, please ask Jana or Sue to borrow the key to Storage Closet #78, and go to Storage Closet #78 (near the MPR) to get the classroom bin. Ensure all necessary materials are in there. Please return the key to the front office before teaching your lesson.

    6. After your lesson: Sign the monthly log in the binder. Clean any supplies that need cleaning (you may use the sink in the classroom or workroom) and return the bin to Storage Closet #78. 

    7. Optional: You may find it helpful to have extra parent help. Feel free to create your own sign-up genius for your class to invite a few parents (4 extra volunteers) to help with the lessons. Obtain email addresses from your teacher.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Art Masterpiece Coordinator, Julie Sallquist: sallquist.julie@gmail.com or 480-398-0722. Thank you!