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ELA includes Spalding Education and Journeys


  • The English Language Arts curriculum is based on the Spalding Education program which include direct instruction with phonograms, spelling, and handwriting. The Journeys programs is a comprehensive reading program that incorporates writing as well as grammar. Both of these programs are intertwined within the classroom to best meet the needs of the students. 

     *Specific standards and objectives for ELA can be found at each classroom page. 

Math includes Saxon and Glencoe


  • In grades K-4, Saxon Math is the core curriculum providing students with a structured approach to problem solving, continual spiral reviews, and incremental steps that build fluency in the mathematical practices.  Students in grades 5-6 have Glencoe as their core mathematical curriculum. This program supports rigor with conceptual understanding, practical applications, and fosters procedural skills with guided practice as students work towards meeting high expectations. 

    *Specific standards and objectives for math can be found at each classroom page. 



Additional programs

Additional Programs

  • CTA Independence offers additional programs which inlcude zSpace, STEM, Junior Achievement, and Art Masterpiece. The zSpace lab is a virtual class that allows students to learn and practice concepts not typically found in an elemenatry school. These students can measure friction in space, manipulate the layers of the Earth or the parts of a human heart by using virtual reality as a media platform. STEM class allows students the opportunity to work collaboratlvely and creatively while designing various projects to accomplish a goal successfully. Junior Achievement teaches economical principles and Art Masterpiece fosters art appreciation. Both of these programs invite parents to be a part of the educational community.