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  • Director of Instructional Technology
  • Director of Purchasing and Customer Service
  • Director of Support Services
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  • Network Admin/Cameras
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Support Tech
  • Office Assistant
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  • Purchasing Clerk - M-F 7:30 - 11:30 a.m.
  • Purchasing Director
  • Security Cameras
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  • Supervisor of Material Distribution
  • Technology Services Coordinator
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  • Wifi Network Administrator
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    Support Services
    Frank Fletcher Email Frank FletcherFrank Fletcher, Associate Superintendent for Support Services
    Phone(480) 812-7680
    Assists the Superintendent of Schools and the Governing board. The Associate Superintendent oversees Maintenance and Grounds, Purchasing, Information Technology, and Warehouse.
    Robbie Ann Taylor Email Robbie Ann TaylorRobbie Ann Taylor, Administrative Assistant to the Associate Superintendent
    Phone(480) 812-7680
    Assists the Associate Superintendent in day to day business.
    Roosevelt DeLeon Email Roosevelt DeLeonRoosevelt DeLeon, Director of Construction
    Phone(480) 812-7680
    Manages all new construction and remodels at sites
    Thomas Dunn Email Thomas DunnThomas Dunn, Director of Construction
    Phone(480) 812-7680
    Frank Leon Email Frank LeonFrank Leon, Special Projects
    Phone(480) 224-3145
    Over sees Special Construction Projects, Warranty and Govermental Compliance
    Information Systems
    Steve Ybarra Email Steve YbarraSteve Ybarra, Director of Information Systems
    Oversees Network Administrators, Security Cameras, Help Desk and Telephones
    Colleen Flannery Email Colleen FlanneryColleen Flannery, Director of Instructional Technology
    Dale Larson Email Dale LarsonDale Larson, Director of Purchasing and Customer Service
    Phone(480) 812-7615
    Manages Computer Site Technicians
    Debbie Mass Email Debbie MassDebbie Mass, Help Desk Tech
    Malinda Weister Email Malinda WeisterMalinda Weister, Help Desk Tech
    Stacy Goodall Email Stacy GoodallStacy Goodall, Help Desk Tech
    Bonnie Rapinchuk Email Bonnie RapinchukBonnie Rapinchuk, Technology Services Coordinator
    Ciji Yungdahl Email Ciji YungdahlCiji Yungdahl, Technology Services Coordinator
    Dan Johnson Email Dan JohnsonDan Johnson, Programmer
    Dennis Karrick Email Dennis KarrickDennis Karrick, Programmer
    Isaac Gordon Email Isaac GordonIsaac Gordon, Programmer
    JA Burkes Email JA BurkesJA Burkes, Programmer
    John Andrews Email John AndrewsJohn Andrews, Programmer
    Josh Sheffield Email Josh SheffieldJosh Sheffield, Programmer
    Scott Krause Email Scott KrauseScott Krause, Programmer
    Thomas Nadel Email Thomas NadelThomas Nadel, Programmer
    Hedi Mansour Email Hedi MansourHedi Mansour, Network Administrator
    Mirek Chuman Email Mirek ChumanMirek Chuman, Network Administrator
    Pete Rodriguez Email Pete RodriguezPete Rodriguez, Network Administrator
    Robert Basil Email Robert BasilRobert Basil, Network Administrator
    Scot Leatherman Email Scot LeathermanScot Leatherman, Network Administrator
    Bojidar Email Bojidar Bojidar "Bo" Kroumov, Network Admin/Cameras
    Josh Palacios Email Josh PalaciosJosh Palacios, Security Cameras
    Frank Glaab Email Frank GlaabFrank Glaab, Wifi Network Administrator
    Maintenance and Grounds
    Lew Schroeder Email Lew SchroederLew Schroeder, Director of Support Services
    Phone(480) 812-7200
    Maintenance and Grounds
    Jaydee Finney Email Jaydee FinneyJaydee Finney, Assistant Director of Support Services
    Phone(480) 812-7200
    Jan Jensen Email Jan JensenJan Jensen, Administrative Assistant
    Phone(480) 812-7200
    Administrative Assistant to the Director of Grounds and Maintenance
    Tammi Rosales Email Tammi RosalesTammi Rosales, Office Assistant
    Phone(480) 812-7200
    Trish Veo Email Trish VeoTrish Veo, Office Assistant
    Phone(480) 812-7200
    Dale Larson Email Dale LarsonDale Larson, Purchasing Director
    Phone(480) 812-7615
    Construction; Furniture
    Michelle Gall Email Michelle GallMichelle Gall, Buyer
    Phone(480) 812-7628
    Athletics; Band/Choir/Orchestra; Community Education; Copiers; Dance; Drama; Food Services; Golf Carts; Graduation; Photography; Radios-School Sites; Stage Curtains; Storage Containers; Uniforms; Warehouse; Water; Yearbook
    Michelle Uhlorn Email Michelle UhlornMichelle Uhlorn, Buyer
    Phone(480) 812-7627
    Licenses; Online Subscriptions; Radios-Departments; Shade Structures; Software; Support Services; Technology; Transportation
    Mindy Dillingham Email Mindy DillinghamMindy Dillingham, Buyer
    Phone(480) 812-7681
    Art Supplies; Awards/Trophies; Custodial; Field Trips; Grocery & Misc. Supplies; Instructional Aids & Supplies; Library; Printing; Promotional; Registration (except Athletics and Band); Robotics; Science; Signage; Special Education; Textbooks; Travel; T-shirts
    Dianne Silva Email Dianne SilvaDianne Silva, Purchasing Clerk - M-F 7:30 - 11:30 a.m.
    Phone(480) 812-7635
    Contract processing; New vendor requests
    Diana Messersmith Email Diana MessersmithDiana Messersmith, Supervisor of Material Distribution
    Phone(480) 812-7227; Fax (480) 224-9287
    Warehouse and mail operations, Stock purchases, Outside sales
    Chuck Wood Email Chuck WoodChuck Wood, Warehouse Worker III
    Phone(480) 812-7226; Fax (480) 224-9289
    Coordinating deliveries and pickups, Receiving, Stores orders
    Harry (Kelly) Guinan Email Harry (Kelly) GuinanHarry (Kelly) Guinan, Warehouse I
    Phone(480) 812-7230
    Coordination of Auction, Surplus and Site to Site Transfers
    Marcie Gertsch Email Marcie GertschMarcie Gertsch, Warehouse I/Courier
    Phone(480) 812-7231
    In-district mail, All out-going mail
    Sisto Rosales Email Sisto RosalesSisto Rosales, Warehouse Worker III
    Phone(480) 812-7234; Cell (602) 818-1693; Fax (480) 224-9291
    Secondary athletic uniforms and equipment