• Record Retention

    How and What to Archive

    AZ State Library, Archives, & Public Records Retention Schedules - Click on the "Fully Searchable PDF of ALL GENERAL RETENTION SCHEDULES" to view the require items to archive and length of time required to archive.

    How to organize PI folder per Asst. Supt/Elementary Ed - This includes instructions on how to purge elementary files that are being transfered to a Junior High.

    How to purge PI files for transfer per Asst. Supt/Secondary Ed - These are instruction on how to purge elementary files that are being transfered to Junior High and how to purge Junior High PI folders being transfered to High Schools.

    Archive Log - Excel Spreadsheet that must be maintained by site or department on a shared file in case of any informationn is in need of retrieval. Prior to pick up please email Diana Messersmith the log in excel format.


    Records required to be transferred to the Warehouse to be archive are to only contain: 

    High School/ Archived (Inactive) to Warehouse 
    Each site is to maintain the inactive file at their site until property control request a particular birth year to be sent to the Warehouse.
    When Property Control requests a particular birth year files:
    ******* After October break we will be picking up birth year 2000*****
    • Immunization info be placed in the PI File from the Health File
    • All purged paperwork from PI File be separated and placed in the Health File
    • PI File alphabetized and sent to warehouse for archiving permanent records
    • Medical files alphabetized by sent to warehouse for storage and shredding.
    All information on the PI Folder cover must be up to date and complete prior to transfer. All files are to be sent to the warehouse sorted by birth year, within birth year alphabetized by last name.
    1. Immunization Information (ASIR109 R or Exemption form)
    2. Elementary Grades should be on the back of the PI File
    3. Junior High Transcripts 
    4. High School Transcripts on one page (Landscape with AIMS) Augmentation Paperwork if applicable
    5. Attendance summary for EACH year in CUSD (Student Profile)
    6. Standardized Test Scores (AIMS, AZELLA, AZMerit, TerraNova) if not on student profile.
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