• Tiers
    The purpose of the Tier I (T1) Facility Use is for a meeting or informational use. No participation fees are generated as a revenue source by the requestor. Fees for use are delineated by a class structure. In order to determine Class Use, the organization and/or its purpose will be considered.
    The purpose of the Tier II (T2) facility use is to generate revenue by charging participants fees.
    The purpose of the Tier III (T3) facility use is for CUSD employees to run a fee-based camp or clinic in which 100% revenue over cost directly benefits CUSD students.
    The purpose of the Tier IV (T4) facility use is for IGA'S (Inter Governmental Agreements) and Contracts approved by the CUSD Superintendency. Only the Superintendency has the authority to change or waive fees based on the benefit to CUSD and our students..


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    If you have any questions, please contact us at:
    Community Education
    Attention: Facility Usage
    1525 W. Frye Rd.
    Chandler, Arizona  85224
    Telephone: 480-224-3901
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