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    Business Office

    Lana Berry Email Lana BerryLana Berry, Chief Financial Officer
    Phone(480) 812-7660
    Belinda (Bim) Frost Email Belinda (Bim) FrostBelinda (Bim) Frost, Senior Administrative Assistant
    Phone(480) 812-7660
    Accounting Department
    Lisa Knox Email Lisa KnoxLisa Knox, Revenue Accounting Specialist & Director, Chandler School Boosters
    Phone(480) 812-7676
    Responsibilities: Supervises all financial activity; Provides training for PTO & Booster Clubs.
    Lauren Randel Email Lauren RandelLauren Randel, Assistant Business Manager
    Phone(480) 812-7122
    Responsibilities: Oversees student activity, auxiliary operations, USFR compliance, tax credit, revenue, JTED funds; Creates budgets and monitors cash balances; Manages Property Control and Fixed Assets.
    Heather Caviar Email Heather CaviarHeather Caviar, Assistant Business Manager
    Phone(480) 812-7675
    Responsibilities: Compliance Specialist and Position Control
    John Whiteneck Email John WhiteneckJohn Whiteneck, SAIS Coordinator
    Phone(480) 812-7661
    Responsibilities: Manages the submission of student detail data to ADE for State and Federal funding.
    Karen Thompson Email Karen ThompsonKaren Thompson, Accounting Compliance Specialist
    Phone(480) 812-7629
    Accounts Payable Department
    Pam Antone Email Pam AntonePam Antone, Accounts Payable
    Phone(480) 812-7684
    Responsibilities: Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, Refunds and Travel Claims.
    Tammy Aiono Email Tammy AionoTammy Aiono, Accounts Payable
    Phone(480) 812-7683
    Responsibilities: Numerals, A, B, C, D, E.
    Wendy Ledgerwood Email Wendy LedgerwoodWendy Ledgerwood, Accounts Payable
    Phone(480) 812-7244
    Responsibilities: Food Service, Hillyard, WIST, Student Activity Payables, Utilities and DO Staff Hotels.
    Monica Ornelas Email Monica OrnelasMonica Ornelas, Accounts Payable
    Phone(480) 812-7601
    Responsibilities: F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P.
    Cynthia White Email Cynthia WhiteCynthia White, Accounts Payable
    Phone(480) 812-7672
    Responsibilities: P Card and New Construction.
    Lisa Fortney Email Lisa FortneyLisa Fortney, Accounts Payable
    Phone(480) 812-7107
    Responsibilities: Student Activity, District Office Travel for Hotel Reservations.

    Accounts Receivable

    Michele Snider Email Michele SniderMichele Snider, Accounts Receivable
    Phone(480) 812-7671
    Responsibilities: Reviews and posts District cash receipt batches; Provides training and monitoring to ensure USFR cash handling compliance; Performs state use tax reporting; Handles District monetary gifts and donations.
    Tax Credit
    Cindy Clarke Email Cindy ClarkeCindy Clarke, Tax Credit Account Tech
    Phone(480) 812-7601
    Responsibilities: Records cash receipts for all tax credit donations and distributes annual donor receipts.
    Madelyn Jett Email Madelyn JettMadelyn Jett, Medicaid
    Phone(480) 812-7095
    Responsibilities: Prepares financials, facilitates staff training and data submission for all Medicaid reimbursement programs.
    Kara Brun-Garcia Email Kara Brun-GarciaKara Brun-Garcia, Medicaid
    Phone(480) 812-7096
    Responsibilities: Prepares financials, facilitates staff training and data submission for all Medicaid reimbursement programs.
    Grants Management
    Diane West Email Diane WestDiane West, Grants Management
    Phone(480) 812-7102
    Responsibilities: Prepares financials and reconciles all grant funds, including cash management and completion reports.
    Travel and Bookstores
    Melissa Branting Email Melissa BrantingMelissa Branting, Business Office Coordinator
    Phone(480) 812-7673
    Responsibilities: District-wide staff training; oversee Accounts Payable and Bookstore staff;