• Logging Out of Microsoft Office Software and Apps at Home

    This procedure is only necessary for users who have installed their free copy of Office 2016 at home using their CUSD Office 365 account. It needs to be done on every device on which you have installed Office 2016 for free.

    If you have installed any Office 365 apps (OneDrive, Outlook, Word, OneNote, etc.) on your smartphone or tablet, or if you have set up your CUSD e-mail on your smartphone or tablet, you should remove your CUSD account from these devices and apps, as well.

    If you have installed your free copy of Office 2016 software on your home computer using your CUSD account, you will need to log out of your CUSD account within the software as follows. In most cases, this only needs to be done at home.

    1. Office 2016 User Information screen Open up any Office 2016 program (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). Make sure all other Office 2016 programs are closed.
    2. Click on the File tab and select the Account
    3. Under the User Information section toward the top, click on the Sign out option (and click Yes when asked to confirm).
    4. Repeat these steps as needed until no information appears in the User Information tab, then exit the program.

    NOTE: If your home copy of Office 2016 was free because you activated it with your CUSD account, signing out of this account may cause the software not to load. If you depend on the use of this software at home, you may want to wait until June 1 to perform these steps. If you do log out of the software and aren’t able to use it while the change is being made, you can always log on to your Office 365 and use the online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

    Once the username change has completed (June 5), you should be able to log back in to Microsoft software and apps using your new CUSD username.

    These instructions are available in printable form or video form below.