• Sports and Enrichment
    Afterschool intramural sports and enrichment programs for students ages K - 12th grade.
    Jim Grosso
    Email Jim Grosso  Jim GrossoCommunity Education Program Manager
    Phone Jim Grosso Phone: 

    Kimberly Ohanian
    Email Kimberly Ohanian  Kimberly OhanianCommunity Education Program Specialist – Camps, Clinics,Tournaments/Sports & Enrichment
    Phone Kimberly Ohanian Phone: 

    Jackie Truelove
    Email Jackie Truelove  Jackie TrueloveAccount Technician for Camps & Clinics, Tournaments
    Phone Jackie Truelove Phone: 

    Sharon Cumberbatch
    Email Sharon Cumberbatch  Sharon CumberbatchCommunity Education Program Specialist – Club C.U.S.D. Enrichment and Summer Academy
    Phone Sharon Cumberbatch Phone: 

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