• Setting Up OneDrive Sync

    OneDrive logo Our CUSD Office 365 accounts include OneDrive, which allows users to store their files in the cloud. The benefits of using OneDrive include:

    • the ability to access files anywhere you have an Internet connection
    • easier collaboration with colleagues
    • increased file space (over 1,000 times more space than our networked H drives)

    Before district computers were upgraded to Windows 10, the only way to access OneDrive files was to log on to Office 365 on a web browser. But if your computer has been upgraded to Windows 10, you now have access to a OneDrive sync option that will keep your OneDrive files easily accessible on your computer (like a thumb drive or H drive) without having to log on to Office 365 on a web browser. As you update or add files to OneDrive online, these changes will automatically be synchronized to the files on your computer, and vice versa. You can also set up OneDrive sync on your home computer so you can easily access your work files at home, and any changes you make to files in OneDrive at home will automatically show up on your computer at work.

    This page explains how to utilize OneDrive sync on your CUSD computer or home computer. If you like, you can also access these instructions in a printable format, or watch a video tutorial.



    Before you set up OneDrive sync, be sure your computer is running Windows 10. You can check this by right-clicking on the Start Start menu icon  menu in the bottom-left corner and choosing System. If you are using a Mac computer at home, you can also use the OneDrive Sync Client for Mac ... the instructions in this tutorial are geared for Windows 10 users, but they should work for Mac users, as well. This link provides instructions on using OneDrive sync on Mac computers.

    System tray with Deep Freeze icon If you are using a CUSD computer, you also need to ensure that Deep Freeze is not running on your computer … otherwise, files that get downloaded to your computer from OneDrive may be wiped out. To check on Deep Freeze, look for the Deep Freeze Deep Freeze icon  icon in the bottom right corner of your computer. If the icon is not there or has a red X like the example to the right, Deep Freeze is installed but not active, which will allow you to set up OneDrive sync. If the icon is there but does NOT have a red X, Deep Freeze is active on your computer and OneDrive sync should not be set up.

    Finally, it is a good idea to clean up your OneDrive files before attempting to synchronize them. Deleting old files that you don’t need any more before you start synchronizing them will help the process go faster and more smoothly.


    Set Up

    Follow these instructions to set up OneDrive sync on your computer:

    1. OneDrive software search results Go to the search Search icon  button in the bottom left corner of your computer and type OneDrive.
    2. In the search results, click the OneDrive app (not OneDrive for Business).


    1. On the OneDrive screen, enter your CUSD e-mail address and click Sign In, then click Next on the "This is your OneDrive folder" screen.

    OneDrive Set Up - enter e-mail address

    1. Select the folders in your OneDrive that you would like to synchronize to your computer. If you would like to have all of your OneDrive files/folders accessible on your computer, check the Make all files available box at the top. Click the Next button when you have selected your folders.

    Choose folders screen of OneDrive sync setup

    1. Click the blue Open my OneDrive – Chandler Unified School District #80 folder button to see your OneDrive folder on your computer and start the synchronization process.

    The initial sync process may take a while depending on the size of your OneDrive files and folders, but once it is completed, files will only synchronize as they are changed on your computer or on OneDrive online. 


    Using OneDrive on Your Computer

    Now that OneDrive sync is operational on your computer, you can access all of your OneDrive files like you would access files on your H drive, thumb drive, etc. … without having to log on to Office 365 on a web browser. When you open File Explorer on your computer, look on the left side for the OneDrive – Chandler Unified School District #80 folder. This folder should contain the folders and files in your OneDrive. You can open and edit these files just like you would open files in your H drive, and any changes you make to these files will automatically show up in OneDrive online, as well.

    The blue OneDrive OneDrive icon icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, as well as the icons that appear in the Status column of File Explorer or on your file/folder icons themselves, as well as will tell you important information about the status of your files.

    OneDrive status icons

    If you change your password, you may get synchronization errors in OneDrive … just re-enter your password when prompted to resume synchronizing your files.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will changing my CUSD password affect OneDrive sync?

    Yes. If you change your password, you may get synchronization errors in OneDrive … just re-enter your password when prompted to resume synchronizing your files.


    I have a lot of files in my OneDrive … will these fill up my computer hard drive if I use OneDrive sync?

    No. The latest version of OneDrive sync uses "on-demand" technology to keep your hard drive from getting too full. All of your OneDrive files will be stored in the cloud, but files will only be stored on your computer when you go to open them. At that point, OneDrive sync will download the files to your computer so you can edit them there (as you save the file, it will automatically be uploaded to OneDrive).

    The status icons described on the previous page help you know if files are being stored on your computer or only in the cloud. Any file or folder with a green checkmark icon is taking up room on your hard drive. If your hard drive does get too full, you can right-click on these files or folders and select the Free up space option. This will remove the file/folder from your hard drive to free up space, but the file/folder will still be stored safely in the cloud.


    Do I have to use OneDrive sync on my computer?

    No. OneDrive sync just makes your OneDrive show up on your computer, which many people find easier to use. If you’d prefer, you can just upload files and folders to OneDrive manually as needed.