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Sites in Alphabetical Order:
School Notes Counselor
Andersen Elementary Counselor Angelica Canchola
Andersen Elementary Social Worker Larkin Carey
Andersen Junior High Counselor Danielle Rotherham
Andersen Junior High Counselor Ruth Sharpe
Andersen Junior High Counselor Anne Smith
Arizona College Prep - HS Counselor (A-E) Martha Vitton
Arizona College Prep - HS Counselor (LE-RI) Scott Uyeshiro
Arizona College Prep - MS Counselor Jennifer Clauschee
Arizona College Prep - MS Counselor Margot O'Donnal
Arizona College Prep- HS Counselor (LE-RI) Jennifer Vinck
Arizona College Prep- HS Counselor (RO-Z) Amy Steele
Arizona College Prep- MS Social Worker Rebecca Hall
Auxier Elementary Counselor Crisini Ryan
Auxier Elementary Social Worker Elizabeth Azurdia
Basha Elementary Counselor Sherri Beck
Basha High Counselor (Sn-Z) Becky Thompson
Basha High Counselor (A-Cla) Nancy Spilsbury
Basha High Counselor (Cle-Gra) Christopher Perry
Basha High Counselor (Gre-Le) Brian Snyder
Basha High Counselor (Li-O) Megan Dillon
Basha High Counselor (P-Sm) Scott Smith
Bogle Junior High Counselor Kari Mochel
Bogle Junior High Counselor Stacy Pillar
Bogle Junior High Counselor Torre Valentine
Bologna Elementary Counselor Susan Gillis
Bologna Elementary Social Worker Kaitlyn Kirkham
Carlson Elementary Counselor Tina Thelen
Casteel High Counselor (HS (SCI-Z) Jessica Burt
Casteel High Counselor (HS A-DAV) Jennifer Johnson
Casteel High Counselor (HS DAW-HOG) Brittany Haraway
Casteel High Counselor (HS HOL-MIK) Rachel O'Brien
Casteel High Counselor (JHS (KI-Z) Christy Cunico
Casteel High Counselor (JHS A-KI) Elizabeth Glascom
Casteel High Counselor HS (MIL-SCH) Carrie Shropshire
Casteel High Social Worker Kyleen Miller
Chandler Early College Counselor Cassandra Ramirez
Chandler High Counselor (A-CASS) Violet Nelson
Chandler High Counselor (CAST-FIG) Brenda Wilson
Chandler High Counselor (FIH-HUT) Tyra Ortiz
Chandler High Counselor (HUY-MAS) Crystal Lipinski
Chandler High Counselor (MAT-PERC) Taylor Portaro
Chandler High Counselor (SIM-Z) Jen Upchurch
Chandler High Counselor(PERE-SIL) Rosemary Liversedge
Chandler High Social Worker Chandra Fifield
Chandler Learning Center Marina Hinojos
Chandler Online Academy Counselor Denae Gleason
Chandler Online Academy Counselor Karen McCarthy
Chandler Traditional Academy - Freedom Campus (Student Services Coordinator) Jacqueline Hensley
Chandler Traditional Academy - Goodman Campus Counselor Jesse Jones
Chandler Traditional Academy - Humphrey Campus (Student Services Coordinator) Stephanie Shuey
Chandler Traditional Academy - Independence Campus Counselor Michele Dussault
Chandler Traditional Academy - Liberty Campus (Student Services Coordinator) Barbara Aldecoa
Chief Hill Academy Counselor Julie Tanner
Chief Hill Academy - ICAN Counselor Michelle Swope
Conley Elementary (Student Services Coordinator) Paula Johnson
Conley Elementary Counselor Dawn Marrero
Edge at Hill Academy Counselor Maria Collea-Anderson
Frye Elementary Counselor Tracy Carlson
Frye Elementary Social Worker Ileana Perez
Fulton Elementary Counselor Jessica Montiel
Galveston Elementary Counselor Kelli Bishop
Galveston Elementary Social Worker Kristian Shanline
Haley Elementary Counselor Kristen Jochimsen
Hamilton High Counselor (A-BROM) Frances Howard
Hamilton High Counselor (PHAN-SEAW) Amanda Tietjen
Hamilton High Counselor(BROO-DASH) Taylor Harris
Hamilton High Counselor(DAU-GEN) Margarita Jimenez-Trujillo
Hamilton High Counselor(GEO-HUSS) Rachel Celaya
Hamilton High Counselor(HUY-LEV) Amy Furrow
Hamilton High Counselor(LEW-MOH) Jessica Anaya
Hamilton High Counselor(MOI-PHAM) Steve Spykstra
Hamilton High Counselor(SEB-TUP) Shana Lacerenza
Hamilton High Counselor(TUR-Z) Steve Kanner
Hamilton High Social Worker Julianne Haddad
Hamilton High Social Worker Rajani Rastogi
Hancock Elementary (Student Services Coordinator) Sherry Bollard
Hancock Elementary Counselor David Peterson
Hartford Sylvia Encinas Elementary Counselor Sharon Lee
Hartford Sylvia Encinas Elementary Social Worker Paige Verboncoeur
Hull Elementary Counselor Rosa Pandya
Jacobson Elementary Counselor Ashley Dahl
Knox Gifted Academy Counselor Toni Horn
Navarrete Elementary Counselor Kendra Davis
Patterson Elementary Counselor Meghan Schultz-Rathbun
Payne Junior High Counselor Lisa Brown
Payne Junior High Counselor Melanie Holan
Payne Junior High Counselor Aimee Smith
Perry High Counselor (10,11,12 MIM-SAL) Mark Nold
Perry High Counselor(A-CARL) Holli Cagle
Perry High Counselor(CARM-FIG) Nicole Gena
Perry High Counselor(FIH-HUE) Courtney Conroy
Perry High Counselor(HUG-MARS) Kirstin Gregg
Perry High Counselor(MART-PARK) Geri Jaramillo
Perry High Counselor(SEL-WIK) Tracey Mahon
Perry High Counselor(STEM, WIL-Z) Fred Mann
Rice Elementary Counselor Sarah Evenhus
Riggs Elementary (Student Services Coordinator) Lanci Houvener
Ryan Elementary Counselor Lisa Remsburg
San Marcos Elementary Counselor Alma Rodriguez
San Marcos Elementary Social Worker Melissa Clark
Sanborn Elementary Counselor Cindy Fletcher
Sanborn Elementary Social Worker Shea Dodson
Santan Elementary Counselor Vanessa Pepoon
Santan Junior High Counselor Melissa Edwards
Santan Junior High Counselor Katherine Roman
Santan Junior High Counselor Lindsey Valentine
Shumway Elementary Social Worker Ryan Dong
Shumway Leadership Academy Counselor DeAnn Royster
Tarwater Elementary Counselor Janee Seabrook
Weinberg Elementary Counselor Dan Utrera
Willis Junior High Counselor (7TH GRADE) Michele Chapin
Willis Junior High Counselor(8TH GRADE) Maria Falcon-Murray
Willis Junior HS Social Worker Kimberly Boersma

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