• Welcome to 5th Grade 2023-2024

    Vision Statement: 

    To develop students who are curious and creative. To mentor them to develop personal initiative and sustained effort to reach high academic goals. To encourage critical thinkers who seek knowledge and possess technological competence and collaborative skills. To foster a sense of community by embracing differences and acting with kindness.


    Mission Statement:

    A KGA 5th grader is a deep, critical, and creative thinker who makes connections across content areas, within content areas, and within their world. A KGA 5th grader is an independent thinker and learner who seeks out the advice of experts when necessary and is seeking to learn from others.They reflect everyday and learn from their successes as well as their mistakes. They are not afraid to fail, or afraid to ask questions or not know something.

    The 7C's: 
    We make a conscious effort to apply knowledge, principles, and/or values to all academic areas simultaneously. The disciplines may be related through a central theme, issue, problem, process, topic, or experience, or build.  

    The Seven Cs are the Knox Gifted Academy Standards of Creativity.

    • Cogitate - To think fluently and deeply; to contemplate alternatives; to reflect
    • Construct - To build physically, intellectually, and emotionally
    • Communicate - To share information and ideas
    • Collaborate - To work collectively for a shared purpose
    • Craft - To strategically apply specialized skills, tools, and language in context
    • Calculate -  To evaluate the effects of attributes, trends and measures
    • Connect - To extend and link information and ideas


    RISE up at KGA:

    KGA 5th graders are role models on campus and students will be working to learn how to consistently exemplify the characteristics of the RISE acronym below.  These characteristics will lead students to academic and social emotional success. 


    The 5th Grade Team welcomes you to KGA!

    Mrs. Olivia Matthew, Ms. Kayla Gille, Mrs. Jill McCurdy, Ms. Brittney Parker and Mrs. Laura Yockey