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Welcome Parents and Students of 7th Grade Social Studies at AJHS. You are going to love it! I look forward to many interesting conversations regarding the birth of America with you all! Now, as you are about to embark on the challenges and enchantment of junior high school life, I encourage you to equip yourself with a little insight on your school, your classes and your teachers through these websites. Remember that knowledge is power.

My Education and Professional Background

Although originally from Fort Wayne Indiana, I grew up in Chandler, AZ. I started as a Galveston Gazelle, but ended up a Corona Del Sol, Aztec. I received a Bachelor's Degree in History from Ottawa University and a Master's Degree in Education from ASU in 2003. After spending 15 great years of teaching history on a CUSD high school campus at Basha, I decided to follow my heart and teach junior high. I am extremely lucky to be a Jaguar and so are you!

My Educational Philosophy

There is a human element to history, and when students are made to feel a part of it, they flourish. By relating the past to our everyday lives, we begin to understand history better. As we make connections between our own lives and the lives of the billions of humans before us, we begin to value the decisions and progress they made, equipping ourselves to make decisions for our future. Many past students say this is a philosophy class instead of a typical history course.

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