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    CATS is a program exclusively dedicated to gifted education, providing inquiry based instruction in a challenging, nurturing, and supportive environment in classes throughout the Chandler Unified School District for grades Kindergarten through eight.

    In a CATS classroom, students are creating, envisioning, solving, and collaborating. With the understanding that gifted children learn differently, sometimes rapidly, sometimes asynchronously, teachers build on student strengths to allow learners to explore knowledge at an appropriate rate. With exposure to a variety of resources and methods of instruction, students gain not only advanced knowledge, but also appreciate the depth and complexity of those topics.

    Our Mission:
    The Chandler Unified School District is committed to the encouragement of excellence and optimal academic talent development among our gifted students. We believe providing a comprehensive curriculum and a dedicated staff is essential to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of our gifted students and to maximize their potential.

    Current CUSD 3rd-6th graders can be tested at their school site mid-year by parent request, please contact your school site for testing applications.

    Current CUSD 2nd graders will be tested automatically in their classrooms mid-year.

    Visit our testing page for more information about upcoming testing and how to register.

    2018-2019 Self-Contained CATS Sites:
    Jacobson Elementary (3rd - 6th grade), Knox Gifted Academy (Kindergarten - 6th grade), Ryan Elementary (2nd - 6th grade), Hull Elementary (4th - 6th grade)

    Junior High: 
    Bogle Junior High (7th and 8th grade), Payne Junior High (7th and 8th grade), Santan Junior High (7th and 8th grade), Willis Junior High (7th and 8th grade)
    Information/Orientation for parents of newly qualified students:
    CATS Academy for Parents 

    CATS Academy for Parents (CAP) is a series of workshops designed to provide CATS parents with tips and tools that will help in parenting gifted children. 

    CAP List of Events