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    Welcome to Knox Gifted Academy's Library! 
    With more than 13,000 titles, students can always find exciting and interesting books to read at Knox Gifted Academy. 
    Library Checkout Guidelines
    All students are able to check out two books at a time.  If a student has a need for additional books to conduct research or specific assignments, or is a member of KGA's Battle of the Books team, the two-book limit will be increased to accommodate that need.
    If the student loses a book, the student may not check out another book until the book is returned or paid for. If the book is lost, the student will be given a printed reminder detailing the book's replacement cost.  Parents are then able to submit payment for the lost book by using InTouch in the Infinite Campus system.  Sorry, cash and checks are not accepted.
    KGA's Library is located in M3 and M4 on the east side of the campus.
    Media Assistant- Melissa Ohme

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