• Full Day Preschool - Reggio Approach

    The Reggio Preschool approach to teaching young children puts the natural development of children as well as the close relationships that they share with their environment at the center of its philosophy. Parents are a vital component to the Reggio philosophy and are viewed as partners, collaborators and advocates for their children. The teacher is considered a co-learner and collaborator with the child and not just an instructor. Teachers are encouraged to facilitate the child’s learning by planning activities and lessons based on the child’s interests, asking questions to further understanding, and actively engaging in the activities alongside the child.

    Preschool programs are taught by a certified teacher and staffed with an assistant. Class size is limited to 20 students with a 10:1 student/teacher ratio. Our full day preschool programs are offered Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. with before and after school care included as part of the program. This program is available for families residing in Chandler and the surrounding cities. For more information regarding tuition rates and schedules please call the Community Education office at (480) 224-3900. 



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