• Glossary of Terms
    Scaffolding - Temporary support provided to learners that enables them to complete academic tasks before they are able to do so independently.
    Comprehensible Input - Instructional strategies used to make content comprehensible for the ELL.  Examples of strategies include:  use of visual aids, paraphrasing in simpler language, repetition of key points, and use of concrete materials.
    AZELLA                 Arizona English Language Learners Assessment
    BICS                       Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills
    CALP                     Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency
    DSI                          Discrete Skills Inventory
    ELAD                      English Language Acquisition Department
    ELD                         English Language Development
    ELL                          English Language Learner
    ESL                          English as a Second Language
    GLAD                     Guided Language Acquisition Design
    L1                            First Acquired Language
    L2                            Second Acquired Language
    SEI                           Sheltered English Instruction
    SIOP                       Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol
    SDAIE                     Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English
    TPR                         Total Physical Response