• Chandler Unified School District Federal Programs

    Welcome to the Chandler Unified School District's Federal Programs webpage.  The Federal Programs office is an umbrella that houses student and family resources, services, and programs in the following areas:  English Language Learners (ELL), Families in Transition (Homeless), Indian Education, Migrant Education, Refugee Education, Interpretation and Translation services, and Title I.
    Program Goal:  To provide the necessary educational and supplemental resources, services, and programs to help meet the needs of Chandler Unified School District's underserved youth.
    What are the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards?
    Over the next few years, Arizona and more than 40 other states across the country will transition to a new set of learning standards, called Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards (ACCRS).  Click here to view a short three-minute video explaining how these standards will help students achieve at high levels and help them learn what they need to know to get to graduation and beyond. 

    ACCRS provide a clear picture of what students need to learn each year in order to graduate from high school ready to succeed in college and careers.
    CUSD's Federal Programs would like all parents to be informed of the ACCRS. Please visit the Arizona Department of Education's Arizona College and Career Ready Standards website for more information about the new ACCRS and how it will affect your child.  Information is available in multiple languages.
Department Contacts:
Email Dr. Sarah Galetti  Dr. Sarah Galetti
Director of Federal Programs & State Initiatives
Phone Dr. Sarah Galetti Phone:  (480) 224-3741 
Email Nina Jolley  Nina Jolley
Administrative Assistant
Phone Nina Jolley Phone:  (480) 224-3741 
Email Valerie Gyory  Valerie Gyory
Academic Coach - FIT (Families in Transition)
Phone Valerie Gyory Phone:  (480) 224-3751 
Email Melissa Rubio Varela  Melissa Rubio Varela
Family Engagement Specialist (FIT) Data Clerk (Migrant)
Phone Melissa Rubio Varela Phone:  (480) 224-3748 
Email Lorena Garcia  Lorena Garcia
Academic Migrant Advocate & Recruiter
Phone Lorena Garcia Phone:  (480) 224-3756 
Email Antonette Shirley  Antonette Shirley
Indigenous Student Engagement Specialist
Phone Antonette Shirley Phone:  (480) 224-3739 
Email Catherine Zepeda  Catherine Zepeda
Gila River Advocate
Phone Catherine Zepeda Phone:  (480) 224-3744 
Email Vanessa Rivera  Vanessa Rivera
District Interpreter & Translator
Phone Vanessa Rivera Phone:  (480) 224-3736