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    Apple and books Welcome to the Chandler Unified School District's Federal Programs webpage.  The Federal Programs office is an umbrella that houses student and family resources, services, and programs in the following areas:  English Language Learners (ELL), Families in Transition (Homeless), Indian Education, Migrant Education, Refugee Education, and Title I.
    Program Goal:  To provide the necessary educational and supplemental resources, services, and programs to help meet the needs of Chandler Unified School District's underserved youth.
    What are the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards?
    Over the next few years, Arizona and more than 40 other states across the country will transition to a new set of learning standards, called Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards (ACCRS).  Click here to view a short three-minute video explaining how these standards will help students achieve at high levels and help them learn what they need to know to get to graduation and beyond. 

    ACCRS provide a clear picture of what students need to learn each year in order to graduate from high school ready to succeed in college and careers.
    CUSD's Federal Programs would like all parents to be informed of the ACCRS. Please visit the Arizona Department of Education's Arizona College and Career Ready Standards website for more information about the new ACCRS and how it will affect your child.  Information is available in multiple languages.

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Program Coordinators:
Email Monica Romero  Monica RomeroDirector of Federal Programs
Phone Monica Romero Phone: 
 (480) 883-4485 
Email Diana Moreno  Diana MorenoAdministrative Assistant
Phone Diana Moreno Phone: 
 (480) 883-4493 
Email Dr. Debbie Fast  Dr. Debbie FastEL Academic Coach (ELA)
Phone Dr. Debbie Fast Phone: 
 (480) 883-4490 
Email Dr. Amy Spilde  Dr. Amy SpildeEL Academic Coach (Math)
Phone Dr. Amy Spilde Phone: 
 (480) 883-4489 
Email Erin Rhodes  Erin RhodesGila River Advocate
Phone Erin Rhodes Phone: 
Email Andrew Garcia  Andrew GarciaGila River Advocate
Phone Andrew Garcia Phone: 
 (480) 883-4492 
Email Elizabeth Hargitt  Elizabeth HargittAcademic Preschool Advocate
Phone Elizabeth Hargitt Phone: 
 (480) 883-4491 
Email Lorena Garcia  Lorena GarciaAcademic Migrant Advocate
Phone Lorena Garcia Phone: 
 (480) 883-4495 
Email Elizabeth Santiago  Elizabeth SantiagoTitle I Data Tech
Phone Elizabeth Santiago Phone: 
 (480) 883-4497 
Email Enriqueta Quintero  Enriqueta QuinteroTitle I Data Tech
Phone Enriqueta Quintero Phone: 
 (480) 883-4496 
Email Elizabeth Hargitt  Elizabeth HargittESL Academic Teacher
Phone Elizabeth Hargitt Phone: 
Email Valerie Gyory  Valerie GyoryAcademic FIT (Families in Transition)
Phone Valerie Gyory Phone: 
 (480) 883-4487