• Secondary (7-12) Open Enrollment Information

    SPECIAL 6th GRADE NOTE:  Incoming AJHS 6th grade and Basha AMS 6th grade students will also use this secondary form.  Please do not use the elementary form for these particular 6th grade students. 

    Open Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is now open.   Application for Open Enrollment is below at bottom of page.  Please read all directions/procedures prior to submitting application.




    • Open enrollments may be submitted via email to the choice school's registrar or to the office of secondary education.   Click here for email contact information for registrars and office of secondary education.  Applications may also be dropped off at the site or at the district office (with the exception of ACP Middle School, see application specifically for ACP Middle School at this link).  
    • If your student does not currently attend a CUSD school, the application MUST include your students grades or transcript (transcript required for 9-12 students), attendance and behavior reports.  


    The Open Enrollment Application is available for download below.  

    • Students currently attending a site on open enrollment do NOT need to re-apply to remain at the same site for the next school year.
    • It is expected that the student on open enrollment remain at the requested school for the entire school year.  Revoking an open enrollment to return to boundary CUSD school mid-year requires district approval. 
    • If you do not currently attend a CUSD school, your application must have the most recent grade report or transcript, attendance, discipline reports and current IEP (if applicable) attached.  If any of this information is missing, the application cannot be processed.   
    • One application per student is accepted.  Please do not submit applications to more than one site.
    • Providing false information will result in the request being denied and/or admission being revoked.
    • Transportation (bussing) is not provided to students on open enrollment. 
    • It is recommended that the student remain at their current school while awaiting open enrollment decision.  Please do not withdraw your student from school until open enrollment has been approved.
    • Grades 9-12 Special Note Regarding Athletics and Extracurricular Activities:  Eligibility for athletics and certain extracurricular activities may be affected when students transfer from one school to another.  A student considering transfer is advised to discuss his/her situation with the Athletic Director at the site of current enrollment.  


    Click below to download the application.  It is preferred that you submit your application and any necessary documentation via email (with the exception of ACP Middle School, see link above). Applications for Chandler Online Academy are to be submitted to the Office of Secondary Education. Click here for email contact information for registrars and office of secondary education  :
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