• Book iconCUSD Supplementary Materials Request

    There are many great instructional materials that can be used to supplement our core curricular materials, but we want to ensure they are appropriate for our standards and students. Before purchasing supplementary materials for your classroom, submit a Supplementary Materials Request. Please note that depending on the nature of the request, further action may be required on your part (e.g., obtaining evaluation copies). Read the instructions carefully to determine if additional steps must be taken to complete the request. Check the Supplementary & Digital Directory to see if what you would like to use has already been approved (or not approved).

    NOTE: The IRC carries many supplementary materials in our media center, which are available for teacher checkout. Before completing a request or spending site funds, search our media center for available resources that you can borrow at no cost!

    Supplementary Novel Requests

    If the supplementary material you are requesting is a novel, please submit a Supplementary Materials Request. The novel request form will also be used to evaluate the novel submission.

    CUSD K-12 Novel List

    Technology Requests

    If the supplementary material you request is technological (e.g., software, app, website), do not use these forms. Instead, please visit our Technology page and submit the appropriate form based on the type of technology you request.