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    Hi everyone!

    I'm so glad I got to see so many of you at our wave goodbye on the last day of school. 

    Until we meet again at the beginning of the school year, I've compiled some ways for us to be musical together over the summer. I've been updating them so check back often!


    I would love to hear from you!  If you want to "talk" please send me an email and I'll write you back!  I'm also missing the beautiful pictures you create for me.  If you have one, have someone in your house snap a picture and send it to my email!  To send me an email, click here:  Mrs. Landon's email


     Here is a link to visit me in my virtual music room.  There are many different topics to choose from.  Explore them all!Mrs. Landon


    KINDNESS ACTVITIES Click here for some books and activities to spread some kindness in the world. (Be sure to look in the Kindness Activities folder).




    Here are some links you can follow to do musical activities on the computer:

    Is it your birthday?  Click here for a birthday song from Mr. and Mrs. A (Abrahamson):  Happy Birthday!

    4th graders!!!  Click here to learn about the instruments of the band and orchestra!  You get to start an instrument in 5th grade. 

    Click here for the band and orchestra Pre Registration form.


    Here are some other ways to be musical.  Pick one and have some fun!  I have a printed version of this in my Virtual Music Room link above.


    Sing your favorite song together as a family or to someone else. It can be from the radio, your favorite movie or from our class.  Karaoke songs on youtube are great too, as you have to work on reading while you sing!


    Play your favorite music and share with someone in your home why you like it. If you have an instrument at home, practice it and play a song for someone in your house.  If you don't have an instrument, can you make one?  Can you use something in your house and turn it into an instrument?  Consider pots, pans, bowls, mac n cheese boxes for shakers, etc.


    Get up and move to your favorite music. Have a family dance off or try Just Dance on the Wii or YouTube.  Take turns being the leader and have everyone follow you.  Remember our awesome moves from the music room!


    Pick a song to listen to--it can be new or an old favorite. What do you hear in the music? How many things can you describe?  Think about the instruments, singers, tempo (speed), rhythms, dynamics (loud and soft).  I love to use my imagination when I listen.  How does the music make you feel?  What does the make you think of?  Make up a story to the music and draw some pictures to help explain what you see inside your head.


    Get creative and explore the world of music online.  Ask your parents and grandparents to pull out their old record, CD, tape, MP3 collections and share with the family.





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