• Fifth Grade music

    What is the Block schedule?
    Our 5th grade Block schedule is designed to give students the opportunity to join an instrumental ensemble.  This is a very exciting time in their musical journey because students can join Band or Orchestra with no prior experience.  All of our work in the Music Room in grades K-4 is excellent preparation to start playing an instrument. 
    Each student will attend some sort of music class (Band, Orchestra or General Music) and PE in our Block Rotation.  Library and Tech lab each have separate schedule and rotation in 5th grade.
    Why join Band and Orchestra?
    Playing an instrument, of any kind, is a lifelong skill.  Whether or not you join an ensemble, there are countless ways to play an instrument.  You could be in a band, community group, solo, church group, or anything! 
    Why start now?
    It's so important to try an instrument now.  I tell students to just pick one and try it for a year.  Who knows?  You may love it!  If not, at least you know.  Don't assume you can't or that it won't be fun until you try it.  This is the only time in your entire life that you don't need any experience or prior knowledge to try an instrument.  Everyone else is new too.  If you wait until 6th grade to start, then everyone will have played for a year and you'll need to catch up.  That's super hard.  Give it a try!
    What instrument can my child play?
    In orchestra, students may choose from violin, viola, cello or string bass.  In Band, students may choose from flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone (a small tuba) and percussion (bells and drum).  I highly recommend your child try an instrument in 5th grade.   They don't need any prior knowledge.  NONE.  Our awesome teachers walk them through their instrumental journey step by step.  Mr. Abrahamson, our Band teacher, and Mrs. G, our Orchestra teacher, will have more details about how to join.  Don't worry about knowing what you want to play on the first day.  We will give you a few days to look at the instruments and talk to the teachers in our first week back.  You don't need to make a decision until the end of that first week!  
     french horn trumpet clarinet violin

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Last Modified on April 2, 2020