• Sixth Grade music


    What is the Block schedule?

    Our 6th grade Block schedule is designed to give students the opportunity to join an instrumental ensemble.  This is a very exciting time in their musical journey because students can join Band or Orchestra.  All of our work in the Music Room in grades K-5 is excellent preparation to start playing an instrument. 

    Each student will attend some sort of music class (Band, Orchestra or General Music) and PE in our Block Rotation.  Library and Tech class have their own rotation and separate schedule.


    What do we do in General Music Class?

    In 5th and 6th grade, if your child chooses General Music class, we are a non-instrumental music class.  We describe, analyze, and create music in other ways.  Basically, our goal is to be smarter "music appreciators".  We will listen to many different types of music and analyze the instruments, voices, speed, volume, rhythm, beat, amount of parts, and much more.  By doing this, we learn to appreciate new types of music because we understand so much more. 


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Last Modified on April 2, 2020