• Kindergarten
    General information about Kindergarten music at Patterson
    Kindergarten students go to the music room every third school day for thirty minutes.  While there, they sing, move, listen, play classroom instruments, meet puppet friends, and experience the joy of learning within a musical environment.  Music class activities are aligned with classroom concepts, including various weekly and monthly themes.  
    Soon we will explore our different voices (speaking, whispering, shouting, and singing) with puppet friends and music games.  We try to explore in every way we can!  It's so fun to make things faster or slower and louder or softer.  We also use our bodies and minds to explore high and low.  We have a wonderful time in the music room because we try so many different things with our activities.
    We are also "visiting" the farm in music class.  We take our imaginary bus to the farm and then meet an animal.  Each animal has a corresponding instrument.  By taking these "trips" we are exploring our voices, new instruments and our imaginations!
    barn Duck Cow horse


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Last Modified on April 2, 2020