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    The Student Historians’ Project is dedicated to documenting, preserving, and celebrating the history in Chandler Unified School District.


    There is much to learn about the national and global past by looking at local history. People are naturally inquisitive about the nature and origins of their surroundings. It is a way to connect who we are to who we have been at a personal level. Local history is “democratic and multicultural in that it is people’s history, made by all those individuals and groups of diverse backgrounds who work, worship, play, learn and participate in the civic culture of the communities in which they live.” (Danker, 2005, p.18) Chandler has a rich and diverse history in industry, culture, environment, and politics. By tapping into that history, students will have a greater sense of belonging as contributing citizens.

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    • Students analyze, research, and write about historical sites, people, and events of the community.
    • Primary sources about locations, people, and events are curated by students in partnerships with tribal community members, archivists from the Chandler Museum, and historical organizations.
    • Students craft narratives and choose primary sources to accompany the story.
    • Students work with ASU staff and community members for historical accuracy.
    • Student works are featured on SaltRiverStories.org

Salt River Stories: Featured Student Story

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