•  Music Grades
    (How are students graded in Music?) 

    Grades 1-6
    Students in grades 1-6 receive 2 grades for Music:
    Content, which includes knowledge and skills,
    and Behavior and Participation.   
    Content Grades:
    MS - Meets Standards
    P - Progressing
    AC - Area of Concern
    Behavior Grades: 
    E - Excelling
    S - Satisfactory
    I - Improving
    N - Needs Improvement 
    The grade of "S" (satisfactory) is given to students who are meeting the standards and expectations required of them. They listen well and follow directions and require only occasional reminders and re-directs. They show evidence of comprehension as they perform the musical objectives presented in each lesson. They are usually respectful of the teacher and other students and respond well when they need a reminder. 
    The grade of "I" (improving) is given to students who need occasional or frequent reminders about their behavior. They may be distracting to other students which inhibits learning and focus for themselves and others around them. 
    When the student receives a reminder or re-direct, the student may respond temporarily, but may need more than one reminder in a class period. The student may have difficulty with one or more of these behaviors:
    • Listening and focus during instruction
    • Keeping hands and feet to self
    • Taking turns speaking, raising hand, not interrupting
    • Using instruments appropriately
    The grade "N" (needs improvement) is given to students who have frequent or constant difficulty with the behaviors listed above and show little or no improvement when reminded or redirected. They often show disrespect for teachers and other students. They willfully choose to not follow rules and disrupt the class and inhibit learning for others. 
    The grade of "E" (excelling) is reserved for students with exceptional skills and behavior. This grade is earned by students who are noticeably exemplary in their behavior and show leadership as they proactively project a positive attitude and example for their classmates. This student rarely, if ever, needs a reminder about their behavior, as it is always appropriate and conducive to a positive learning environment. This student is helpful to others and shows a caring and responsible attitude toward others. Because of their excellent listening skills, this student is able to perform musical skills with competence and style!

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