Elementary Priority Groups

  • Priority Group 1:  Resident transfer students who currently attend the school and their siblings

    • Example #1: John lives in the Conley boundary and his son attended Andersen last year and will be returning.
    • Example #2: Grant lives in the Santan boundary and his daughter attended Basha last year and will be returning and his son will be entering kindergarten next year.

    Priority Group 2:  Children of employees and previously accepted and enrolled non-resident students

    • Example #1:  Simon works at Perry High and he will request a boundary exemption for his children to attend CTA-Freedom.
    • Example #2: Randy lives in the Gilbert School boundaries and his children attended Santan last year.

    Priority Group 3:  Resident transfer students

    • Example: Karen lives in the Tarwater boundary, and will request a boundary exemption for her son to attend Hancock.

    Priority Group 4:  Previously accepted and enrolled non-resident students’ siblings

    • Example: Tim lives in the Tempe School boundaries and his 1st grade daughter attends Andersen (Priority Group 2). He will request a boundary exemption for his kindergarten son to attend Andersen.

    Priority Group 5:  Non-resident students

    • Gary lives in Maricopa and will submit a boundary exemption for his daughter to attend Jacobson.

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