• Pre-Approved Technology Devices

    Writing grants is a great way to bring much-needed technology to our classrooms, but it would quickly strain our IS department's ability to provide support if every teacher purchased different technology devices. Therefore, if you would like to purchase laptops, tablets, or other hardware with your grant, please be sure you purchase from the following list of pre-approved devices.

  • If you use your grant to purchase technology devices that are not on this list, they may not be able to be used in your classroom or at your site. If there is a specific reason that you need an unlisted device, please contact Shaun Creighton.

    NOTE: This does not pertain to accessories or peripherals such as wireless mice, headsets, etc. Please check the system requirements of such peripherals before purchasing them to make sure they are compatible with your hardware.

    * All Mac computers must meet the following specifications:

    • OS X Operating System (10.7 or later)
    • 8GB of RAM minimum
    • Intel-based processor (no Power PC G5 or below)