• This year for 8th grade science you will need: 
    2 Hard Cover Composition Notebooks (the kind with the pages sewn in)  *You will only need one notebook for each semester but they are much cheaper to purchase now. 
    Pocket Folder for Science only (can be seperate folder or a pocket divider in a binder)
    The following supplies can be used in your other classes:
    Colored Pencils (any size set - don't have to be new, can use what you already have)
    Regular pencils/pens
    Personal pencil sharpener with a shaving container attached
    Highlighter (any color)
    Glue Sticks -will need several sticks for the year
    Please have all supplies with you by Lesson 5 (Tuesday, July 27, 2021) we will be setting up and updating notebooks for the semester that day.