• Destiny Discover

    Take a look at the books you have checked out already or put a school library book on hold to come and check out later using Destiny Discover.

    The "log in" button will be in the top right-hand corner.

    • The username will be the student's number (ex. s123456), and the password is their usual password for how they log in to their computer. We now also have the option to login via Clever! It's best to log in to Clever, scroll down to "more apps" and select Follett Destiny Discover

    This will give the student access to what is available in our library, as well as to our eBook selection. If they click on the menu (the three lines at the top-left), they can find the books they have checked out already, the books they have on hold, as well as any fines they may have. 

    Students will need to click on "Check Out" after finding a book they are interested in. This will give them access to the full book, whereas "Open" will give a small excerpt.


    The Destiny Discover app is also available, so you can have access to these things on your phone or tablet.