• CUSD Secondary Student Handbooks


    The CUSD Student Handbook is reviewed at the beginning of each school year at all district sites. At that time, a variety of rules and policies related to Attendance, Discipline, Dress Code and other areas that define student conduct as determined by board policy are reviewed. While the foundation of the information is universal, each site does have a school-specific section in the Student Handbook that speaks directly to the students, parents and staff affiliated with that particular campus. We encourage parents/ guardians to review this important and useful information with their student(s). Annually, the Responsible Computer/Internet Use Agreement form and the Acknowledgment of Code of Conduct form associated with the Student Handbook are to be either acknowledged during yearly Online Registration or collected from each student, complete with the required signatures from the student and parent/guardian. 


High School Student Handbooks

  • ACPHS Student Handbook
  • BHS Student Handbook
  • CCHS Student Handbook
  • CHS Student Handbook
  • COA Student Handbook
  • HHS Student Handbook
  • PHS Student Handbook

Junior High School School Handbooks

  • Junior High School Student Handbook

Additional Policy and Agreements

  • Title IX Policies
  • Bring Your Own Technology