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Position: Principal
Room: Front Office
Phone: (480) 883-5408
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Arizona College Preparatory, from its inception, has been dedicated to providing rigorous and accelerated curriculum. Our focus is on academic rigor and strong discipline with students receiving personalized education. As a staff, we align with community, dedication and growth as our core values and as such, students learn to embody the same values. Students are consistently pushed to do their personal best, celebrated for their growth and given tools to follow their individual passions.

My Education and Professional Background

I pursued a double major of Mathematics & Computer Science & Engineering for my Bachelor's degree. During my course of study, I found myself in Education and never looked back. I received my Master's in Educational Administration from GCU in 2009. As a teacher, I taught Mathematics & Science (Chemistry & Physics). I moved into my first official leadership role as a Mathematics Instructional Specialist in Texas and then shifted into an Assistant Principal role three years later in Texas. I was hesitant at first to move into a full leadership role because of my love for teaching but have found that I enjoy being in administration. I have 11 years experience as a secondary administrator.

My Educational Philosophy

Students first in everything.

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