• National Junior Honor Society
    General Information

    Inaugural Ceremony
    Service hours: at ACP-Oakland, 8th grade members are required to complete 10 hours inside school and 15 hours outside school (or complete all on campus) from induction through the end of the 8th grade school year. Submit completed forms to Mrs. Ericson.

    I.    Grade Point Average (GPA)

    • 3.8 GPA for the first and second quarters (first semester)


    II.   Service

    • Participates in an activity, does volunteer work or gives his/her time and assistance to a group or organization. 
    • Willing to sacrifice time to work for group.


    III. Citizenship

    • Displays respect for peers and maintains a positive attitude regarding school and community.


    IV.   Leadership potential

    ·        Holds and elective office or takes a constructive lead in classroom work. 

    ·        Demonstrates initiative, dependability and responsibility in activities.
    ·        Is reliable and mature.  Student is self-motivated and self disciplined.



    V.    Character

    • Integrity – No incident of cheating or intentional dishonesty.
    • Positive Behavior – Follows school rules.  No record of civil offense within the community, nor discipline referrals at school.
    • Cooperation – Willing to assist peers, faculty, etc.
    • Ethics – Wants to do the right thing.  Follows directions and is hard working.
Last Modified on July 31, 2020