• National Junior Honor Society
    General Information

    Inaugural Ceremony
    Service hours: at ACP Middle School, 8th grade members are required to complete at least 5 hours on campus and at least 5 hours off campus from induction through the end of the 8th grade school year. Submit completed forms to Ms. Reddy

    I.    Grade Point Average (GPA)

    • 3.8 GPA for the first and second quarters (first semester)


    II.   Service

    • Participates in an activity, does volunteer work or gives his/her time and assistance to a group or organization. 
    • Willing to sacrifice time to work for group.


    III. Citizenship

    • Displays respect for peers and maintains a positive attitude regarding school and community.


    IV.   Leadership potential

    ·        Holds and elective office or takes a constructive lead in classroom work. 

    ·        Demonstrates initiative, dependability and responsibility in activities.
    ·        Is reliable and mature.  Student is self-motivated and self disciplined.



    V.    Character

    • Integrity – No incident of cheating or intentional dishonesty.
    • Positive Behavior – Follows school rules.  No record of civil offense within the community, nor discipline referrals at school.
    • Cooperation – Willing to assist peers, faculty, etc.
    • Ethics – Wants to do the right thing.  Follows directions and is hard working.
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