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    2021-2022 ACP Junior High Athletics Schedules 
    Season 1: Baseball, Flag Football, Tennis, and Girls' Volleyball
    Deadline for RMA Registration--07/20/2021 
    (later registration may result in students not being cleared in time for the first day of try-outs)
    Mandatory Parent Meeting--07/31/2021
    First Game--08/09/2021
    Season 2: Boys' Basketball, Cheer, Cross Country, and Softball
    Deadline for RMA Registration--09/22/2021 
    (later registration may result in students not being cleared in time for the first day of try-outs)
    Mandatory Parent Meeting--10/20/2021
    First Game--10/25/2021
    Season 3: Girls' Basketball, Cheer, Boys' Soccer, and Wrestling
    Deadline for RMA Registration--12/14/2021 
    (later registration may result in students not being cleared in time for the first day of try-outs)
    Mandatory Parent Meeting--01/13/2022
    First Game--01/18/2022 
    Season 4: Girls' Soccer, Track, and Boys' Volleyball
    Deadline for RMA Registration--03/09/2022
    (later registration may result in students not being cleared in time for the first day of try-outs)
    Mandatory Parent Meeting--04/02/2022
    First Game--04/07/2022 

    Please do not hesitate to contact me [DePrezJr.Fred@cusd80.com] with any questions or concerns.



    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us:

    Fred DePrez, Athletic Director -- DePrezJr.Fred@cusd80.com

    Tara Anderson, Administrative Assistant, Athletics (and Resident RegisterMyAthlete.com Expert) --Anderson.Tara@cusd80.com


    Welcome to Knights Athletics!

    On behalf of Arizona College Preparatory, welcome to our community of scholars and athletes. Students at ACP are expected to rise to a higher standard in all their pursuits, and our athletic programs provide a critical opportunity for them to do so. Through athletics, our kids learn the value of healthy competition, teamwork, and pushing beyond their perceived limitations. While it will not always be comfortable, we strive to ensure it will always be valuable in preparing our students to meet challenges head-on. As such, our coaches are committed to ensuring athletes learn the key tenets of athletics while fostering safe and supportive environments. Our coaches are committed to teaching our kids how to work towards a common goal, how to lead and when to follow, and the value of continuous growth as an individual and community.


    Once again, welcome to ACP. With your child as part of the team, we are ready to rule.

    Please use the "Athletic Forms" tab on the left to REGISTER


    In an attempt to streamline the athletic clearance process, CUSD is going paperless!  You will now complete the athletic clearance packet electronically at RegisterMyAthlete.  All forms can be viewed and signed electronically, and the additional required forms (AIA physical forms, consent to treat and concussion forms) can be uploaded to your account via .pdf or .jpg
    Please read the Parent Instructions to register your students for athletic clearance for the '21-'22 school year.  It is strongly recommended that all documents be submitted electronically PRIOR to the intercession that precedes your child's sport season during quarters 2-4. 
    You may print and take the following forms to your Physician and then go to www.registermyathlete.com to start a new registration.
    (The AIA Physical forms are also available for printing at the end of the "Register my Athlete" registration process)
    Questions regarding the registermyathlete process must be directed to Register My Athlete technical support: support@registermyathlete.com  or call 435-213-1601.  




     Parents & Athletes- Be sure to check our new Photo Gallery for some great shots by 480Sports!!  Permission to use granted by 480Sports



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