• Arizona College Prep Uniform Standards

    The attire worn by Arizona College Prep students is a visible signature of our school to the larger community, an indicator of our unity and our pride of purpose. Because a uniform identifies its wearer as part of a group with a distinctive purpose Arizona College Prep's Advisory Board requires students to wear a uniform and abide by specific standards. Detailed uniform and dress standards can be found in Arizona College Prep Middle School's Handbook or the pdf document attached at the bottom of this page.

    Arizona College Prep Middle School's general dress standards are listed below.  

    • All clothing must be clean, neat, reasonably pressed, and in proper fitting condition.
    • Students are required to wear approved Arizona College Prep polos and approved plaid, khaki, grey, black or navy-blue pants, skirts, skorts or shorts to school Monday-Thursday.
    • Skirts and shorts must touch the knee.
    • All shirt attire must be tucked in throughout the school day - including lunch.
    • Long-sleeve shirts are not permitted to have "thumbholes" or be altered or frayed.
    • Pants and shorts (including denim) may not have any holes, frays, rips, or tears.
    • Jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, and hoodies with Arizona College Prep's logo are recommended but are not required. If a student chooses to wear outerwear without the Arizona College Prep logo, it MUST be a college logo or solid color. No logos should be present.  Approved colors are solid purple, black, grey, or white.
    • Short and long-sleeve undershirts must be worn underneath the clothing, be tucked in and be solid in color. Approved colors are purple, black, grey, or white.
    • Shoes and socks must be worn at all times. Sandals that are secured at the heel may be worn without socks. All footwear (including sandals) must be secured at the heel and be tied properly. Flip Flops may NOT be worn.
    • Socks and tights must be solid in color and MUST compliment the child's clothing and be worn appropriately. No leggings or leg-warmers are permitted.
    • Students must stay in uniform whenever they are on campus during a school day. Students may only change out of uniform after school with teacher/coach permission to participate in an approved curricular or extracurricular activity that requires a change in dress.
    If a student is deemed to be wearing inappropriate attire, the parent will be notified and a change of clothing may be required for attendance that day. Decisions about the appropriateness of apparel may be referred to the administration, whose judgment will be final.

    For your convenience, approved Arizona College Prep attire can be purchased through Anton Uniforms. Uniforms may be purchased from ANTON in the following ways:
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    • Ordering online by visiting the ANTON website: http://www.antonuniforms.com 
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Last Modified on May 31, 2023