• Welcome to the first ever ACP-O Book Study.  Our first meeting will be on September 21st.  We will use this site as a way to connect and share videos that relate to the idea of “Growth Mindset.”  This will minimize the number of whole group meetings that we need to have.  We will meet again on October 20th to break into small groups to discuss what each of us took away from Dr. Dweck’s book.

    To subscribe to the Remind notifications for our Book Study Notifications send a text message to  81010 and in the message put @acpmindset

    Sugested guidelines:

    Chapter 1 9/22-9/25

    Chapter 2 9/25-9/29

    Chapter 3 9/29-10/3

    Chapter 4 10/3-10/6

    Chapter 5 10/6-10/10

    Chapter 6 10/10-10/13

    Chapter 7 10/13-10/16

    Chapter 8 10/16-10/20


Last Modified on September 21, 2015