• Dear Parents,

    The list below is our 6th grade Supply list under normal circumstances.  In the past, we had community supplies for all students to share, however, this year, to reduce multiple hands touching many items, we’d like each student to have their own supplies that they keep with them for all classes.  If you are unable to purchase these items, please let us know so we can provide them to your student. 


    High need items have been colored blue.


    Individual Student Supplies

    “  6-7 compartment fan  folder  (or any filing system)

    “  pencil case / pouch

         *General Music students need to have an actual pencil box.

    “  traditional pencils & personal sharpener or mechanical pencils and lead

    “  erasers

    “  pens / pencils for writing  (at least 5 different colors including red and blue)

    “  1-2 personal dry erase markers

    “  black Sharpies (both ultra fine & regular)

    “  1 Pack Crayola markers

    “  four (4) composition books (one each for  math & writing, and two for reading)

    “  1-2 highlighters

    “  Personal planner

    “  Deck of cards

    “  The Lightening Thief  by: Rick Riordan


    Classroom Wish List

    “  Clorox wipes

    “  hand sanitizer

    “  tissues

    “  composition books