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    Welcome to ACP Middle School Clubs! We would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to look over all the clubs we offer at our middle school and find one to join! By joining a club you become more intricately involved in your school, meet more people, and learn something new - in a fun, more relaxed manner. In addition, joining a club or being involved is a great college application builder. Here is what some colleges are saying about clubs.


    Tom Delahunt Vice president for admission and student financial planning, Drake University, Des Moines, states, " I become leery about a candidate when I notice his or her list of extracurricular activities increase significantly during senior year. Shortly before application time, it seems the student has an immense interest in serving the poor, working with children with special needs, and protecting the rain forest—as well as participating in the chess club, drama club, the yearbook staff, student ambassadors, and pep club (all on top of the hours volunteered weekly at the Humane Society)! I don't necessarily doubt the authenticity of the student's list, but I do question the candidate's sudden dedication to multiple causes."



    What colleges look for when making the admission decision:

    When admission professionals evaluate your extracurricular activities, there are a few things they are likely to take into consideration during their committee meetings:

    The significance of your contribution is often a factor in the admissions decision. Admission professionals often favor depth over breadth.

    "Evidence of leadership" is a phrase that comes up often at admission decision committee meetings, and it can be what separates you from someone who ends up on the waitlist. There's a world of difference between the student who joined the Geography Club and the one who founded it. The more selective a college is, the more carefully your leadership role is examined.