• ACP Middle School VEX Robotics Program


    Currently, ACP Middle School hosts FIVE VEX robotics teams that participate in the VEX EDR program. Each team will have a maximum of FOUR or FIVE students on a team. Our future teams will be open to all eligible 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Students must also be able to participate during the entire VEX robotics season, which occurs from August through May.  This is a team sport.  Meeting attendance is monitored and is mandatory.  A team is only as strong as its weakest member.   Everyone on the team must be an expert on their robot's design and evolution so they are all able to answer the judges' questions during VEX competitions.  Presentation and communication skills are important in VEX.    


    Space on a robotics team is extremely limited and is determined through a selection process. Because of the high demand for such a limited number of spots, students must participate in a selection process. The selection process will include: an application, homework/research assignments, interest meetings, 3-days of tryouts, testing and an interview (if needed). The purpose of these rigorous tryouts is to determine which students will be the most dedicated, the best team players, and the most qualified for this demanding and challenging team sport.  Prior knowledge of robotics is not necessary but I would suggest studying VEX robot design and parts prior to tryouts.  Here is a link you can start with: Purdue Sigbots VEX Wiki Page Signing up for the Automation & Robotics elective class at ACP would also be a good idea but not mandatory.   

    (Note: This selection process will occur once in August when school resumes. Tryout information will ONLY be given in the school morning announcements and will NOT be posted. Interested students are expected to demonstrate the responsibility and maturity to be able to follow all directions and meet all announced deadlines.)

    This is NOT a class. This is NOT a club.  It is an AIA recognized sport. Our robotics program is a student run, teacher/coach facilitated program. Students are expected to spend a substantial amount of time after school with their teammates AND on their own at home gaining skills to help their team succeed. Students will spend time afterschool 2-5 days a week for 2-3 hours building, coding, testing, and driving their robot according to the current game rules and challenge. Outside of school, students are expected to be self-teaching, researching, reading message forums, watching YouTube videos, etc. to become experts in their sport. Additionally, students will compete approximately 3-5 times during the VEX season. These competitions are held at various locations around the Phoenix valley on Saturdays and last approximately 10 hours.


    For further information about team placement and availability, contact the VEX team coach Mrs. Meyer. 


    Please email any questions to: meyer.kim@cusd80.com 



Last Modified on May 8, 2023