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    Position: Band Director

    Team/Department: Music/Elective

    Room: E102

    Phone: 480-883-5400

    Email: Julianne Colwell

     Julianne Colwell

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    Welcome to ACP Middle School Band!

    My name is Julianne Colwell, and I'm a saxophonist, vocalist and music educator from Arizona. I graduated with a bachelors degree in Jazz Studies (Saxophone Performance) from ASU in 2018. I've been teaching since I graduated, and have taught a variety of age groups from pre-school to high school! I specialize in woodwinds and vocals.
    I strive to make my band classes a place where learning basic music fundamentals is both challenging and fun! I want my students to learn to be comfortable with listening to recordings of various music and learning their notes and rhythms by ear, as well as traditional means such as reading notes and rhythms on paper.
    I love to emphasize jazz and popular music in my band classes so that my students can learn to love their instruments while also learning music that they are familiar with.

    My Education and Professional Background

    In February 2011, I joined the Tucson Jazz Institute, which is an elite middle school-high school program designed to teach their students basic jazz fundamentals in both jazz big band and small group settings. My love for jazz and improvising started here- I have always been 1 of 2 or 3 women in any given ensemble and strive to show women and all identifying individuals how important their presence is in this music, and the arts in general. 

    I studied Jazz Studies (Saxophone Performance) at Arizona State University from 2014-2018 where I was able to study my main instrument (saxophone) as well as other woodwind instruments. I was able to begin singing in front of larger groups as well, and I worked on voice performance as well as jazz and music education. 

    My Educational Philosophy

    Music should be a safe and fun environment for all of my students. I strive to teach the importance of basic music fundamentals such as sight reading rhythms/pitches, instrumental technique with a focus on tone and note precision, and learning music "by ear", which means by listening only without the assistance of music notation.
    If my students aren't having fun and finding creative ways to express themselves through music, I'm not following my philosophy. I believe that music is the key to unlocking so much creativity and inner potential in all people regardless of their age or knowledge of music.
    My classroom is a safe space for all individuals, and learning music should reflect that safety and comfort to find one's self through their instrument or their art.