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Subject / Grade Visual Art
Room: 11
Phone: (480)224-3930
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"Creativity is intelligence having fun"
-- Albert Einstein

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Art can be enjoyable yet challenging. In my class, students will gain technical skills by exploring a variety of art media as well as learn historical and cultural aspects of the art world.

My Education and Professional Background

Master of Arts- Art Education from Arizona State University, Bachelor of Arts- Art Education from Central Washington University, Associates in Arts- Fine Art from Clark College

My Educational Philosophy

As an art teacher, I believe that art in general is an important part of education because it is a major component in the foundation of our world. Art as a school subject weaves all other subjects together & references our past, present & future. Aesthetically speaking, Harry Broudy, a well-known educational philosopher, said that the arts are necessary, not 'just nice.' Through the heightening of their aesthetic perceptions, students can find increased meaning is all aspects of life.' I aspire to show students all of the talent & creativity that they possess inside as well as heighten students' aesthetic perceptions. I strive for my students to value the world & all of the art that has been put into it.

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