• The following clubs will be offered at ACP Middle School during the 2021-2022 school year:


    Art/Painting Club - Ms. Lee

    Battle of the Books - Mrs. Codd and Mrs. Parzych

    Beyond the Pages - Mrs. Parzych

    Board Game Club - Mrs. Nassar and Mrs. Moss

    The Calm Club - Mrs. Kleinberger, Mrs. Chavez, Mrs. O'Donnal

    Campus Clean Up - Mrs. Kaiser

    Chess Club - Mr. Phillips

    Digital Media Club - Mr. Cox

    Frisbee Golf - Mrs. Bender

    Math Counts - Mrs. Graves and Mrs. Jacobs

    Mindful Food Club - Mr. Naiman

    NJHS (Invite Only) - Mrs. Ericson, Mrs. Stinemates, Mrs. Tatar

    Photography Club - Mrs. Wilkie

    Spanish Club - Mrs. Collins, Mr. Conrad, Mrs. Kleinberger

    Speech and Debate - Mr. Magel

    Student Council - Ms. Lee

    Tech Club - Mrs. Filiere

    Tennis Club - Mr. Magel


    You may contact the club's sponsor if you have any questions!