• Did you know we can provide students with healthy lunches for their field trips? 
    Parents, feel free to reach out to your students' teacher if you would like your child to receive a sack lunch from the school cafeteria for their field trip.

    Teachers, we would love to help you prepare for your field trip, allowing you to focus on education and stress less about the smaller details. To order for your class, simply reach out directly to your school's kitchen manager. Don't forget to review the food safety information below too! 

    Students may choose between the following two entrees below:
    Option 1: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich
    Option 2: Turkey & Cheese Sandwich
    All lunches will include a fresh fruit, vegetable and two milk fat options. 


    Food Safety Procedures
    For Field Trip Chaperones
    Please observe the following procedures:
    1. To ensure food quality and safety, store field trip meals in insulated containers with the cover secured until meal service and keep the insulated container away from direct sunlight. Please drop off an insulated container with the kitchen manager or request one from the kitchen at least a week in advance.
    2. Always wash your hands prior to distributing meals.
    3. Encourage students to wash their hands prior to meal service.
    4. Serve the meal as soon as possible to prevent prolonged storage, at a minimum within four hours of picking up meals from food service.
    5. Do not serve food items that have been left out of insulated containers for more than two hours.
    6. Discard ALL leftover food items in an appropriate receptacle immediately following meal service.


    Thank you for letting us help your students receive access to delicious and nutritious meals, whether on a school campus or on a field trip adventure!


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