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    FERPA- The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

    Schools are required to have written documentation from legal guardians to release information from student's educational records. This also means that sharing information to apps and websites requires a legal guardian's consent. 


    COPPA- The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

    This act places restrictions on software companies about the information they are able to collect about kids under 13. This means that students under the age of 13 are not able to create their own accounts. In some cases, educators are able to create accounts for their students. However, FERPA responsibilities will apply.


    CIPA- The Children's Internet Protection Act

    This act requires school districts to have filters on internet access in order to protect students. Safety and security measures need to be in place for electronic mail or other forms of digital communication. These, as well as reporting measures, are required for districts to receive E-rate funding. 

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