• The classroom is a place to learn.

    To promote learning, C-6 will follow the following expectations:

    1.  Follow all School Rules and CORE Values

    2. Come prepared to class with an attitude to learn

    3. Respect others in actions and language, following SAFE protocols

    4. Do your (own) work and participate in all activities

    5. Utilize the online Binder and Google Calendar/Tasks 

    6. Use classroom materials as they are meant to be used, and heed instructions

    7. Practice appropriate Digital Citizenship

    Failure to comply could result in a verbal warning, removal from participation with the class, a parent phone call home, additional time after school to learn the material independently, repetitive practice with skills, participation in a restorative circle, completion of additional work to ensure understanding has been mastered, parent conferencing, meeting with the counselors, restricted commenting or participation abilities, and in certain situations a referral to the administration.