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    Welcome to the Willis AVID Elective webpage! We have many great opportunities lining up for the 2019-2020 school year. 

      AVID's purpose is to ensure college readiness for AVID students and increase academic performance for ALL students. 

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         ℘   Open House will be July 31st from 6-8pm.

    ℘ Congratulations to the students who successfully completed the application process for the 2019-2020 school year, we are looking forward to having new students join us! 

    ℘ The first day of the 19-20 school year is Tuesday, July 23rd. 

    ℘   Consider donating through tax credit to Willis AVID to support our activities and field trips. The link is in Infinite Campus with directions at the bottom of this page.

    ℘ Cornell Notes instruction will begin the week of August 5th. 

    ℘ Tutorial instruction will begin the last week of August.

    ℘ AVID students will carry a 3" binder or larger.

    AVID students will keep track of class assignments and future test dates in the agenda, please use this tool!


     The AVID classroom can always use donations of:

    dry-erase markers



    masking tape

    computer mice w/ USB connector

    poster boards

    paper plates

    3" binders

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    We are always looking for community members to share their stories. Contact Ms. Smith if you are interested in sharing your road to college or career story.   


    Here at Willis organization is important, it will benefit them if you help your student interact with the AVID organization structures. Binder checks happen about once a week across all classes.
    Students and Parents can assist the students by checking to see that the students papers are regularly filed behind the correct tab for each class. Check that each class is sub-divided and correctly filed for
    notes, classwork, tests, and graded work.
    Lastly, check that the student is keeping supplies such as lined paper and pencils. 
    These little things make a big difference in the life of a Junior High student today and for their organizational future. In total the binder should have:

    A Sturdy 3-4 inch Binder


    Dividers - 1 for each class (sub-divided per class): notes, classwork, tests, and graded work.

    Pencil Pouch

    2 Pencils or many more!

    2 Pens

    2 Highlighters of different colors

    Sticky page flags to mark texts

    Loose Leaf Paper

    Students also need a daily journal: it can fit into the pencil pouch or the 3-rings

    Other possibilities: Spiral notesbooks, two pocket folders, dry-erase marker, ruler, and a calculator, note-cards, paper reinforcers

    Also, many of the staff use the Cornell Note taking system that will be required weekly of the AVID elective students.
    Cornell Notes will be introduced during first quarter. By the last week of the quarter, students will be completing one page of notes per class.
    Cornell Notes are due weekly for 3rd-4th quarter.
    There will be homework. Agendas must be signed every Friday night.
    Cornell Notes:

    This note-taking method will assist students in retaining new information and making connections to what they are learning. Cornell Notes requires multiple exposures and critical thinking about the student's learning, lessening the impact of the curve of forgetting and deepening their understanding.


    note taking

    Cornell Notes can also help the parents/guardians/tutors or friends to study with the students. This creates a format they can utilize today and forever.

    Students should have completed examples in their binder and online on their Google Docs account to use as a guide for independent note-making by the end of August. Notes are checked or collected once a week from the core classes after they are clearly taught. 

    Note pages can be hand-created by the student, copied off of Google Docs, typed and submitted in Google Docs, printed off-line, or picked up in class (as available).


    AVID focuses on developing the skill sets needed for students to experience success in higher level courses. It requires a significant amount of work and determination on the part of the student. Past students have had great things to say about the organization, study skills, and family-like atmosphere of AVID. 
    AVID focuses in class on these 5 main targets:
    W riting -reflections, notes, and essays
    nquiry - questioning for information, socratic seminars and discussion
    C ollaboration- tutorials, community service, group activities 
    rganization- goal setting, Binder, agenda maintenance
    eading- summaries, close reads, reciprocal teaching 
    Willis AVID Syllabus and AVID agreements are sent home the first day. If you need another copy, please contact Ms. Smith. 

    To contribute a donation to the Willis AVID Club Log-in to infinite campus parent portal or click on the Additional Links below for more information.

     Thank you for your support.


    We are always looking for community members to share their stories. Contact Ms. Smith if you are interested in sharing your road to college or career story. 

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