1. Schedule Lessons using the contact information under calendar.

    2. Check Art Masterpiece calendar for prep and training meeting for your grade level. Work with grade level coordinator and grade level team during prep lessons in order to prepare and/or practice lesson in M-1 and complete prep of supply bin. Completed bins should be placed in the teacher's workroom.

    3. Arrive early prepared to teach the lesson and pick up your supply bin from the teacher's workroom.

    4. Open bin and double check supplies for project and binder for lesson/music flash drive/supplements.

    5. Set up in the classroom.

    6. Teach lesson - sometimes one volunteer teaches the artist portion and another volunteer teaches the project; you can decide when you meet with your grade level team (remember that teachers will be in classroom to help with document camera, music, power point presentations, website, etc.) It is recommended that there are at least two volunteers at each lesson.

    7. Arrange to have pictures taken of the lesson in various stages of project completion and submit to the teacher. We love to see kids doing art on the teacher web pages! You can email photos to artmasterpiece@kgapto.com.

    8. Mount artwork to construction paper (Important – remind students to write name/teacher on back of project) and display in class or place in student portfolios.

    9. Choose 1-2 successful projects to display in front office. Please make sure student's name and teacher are on the back and place these in the art to be hung box in the workroom.

    10. Return remaining supplies to bin, including binder and music. Please ensure that supplies have been properly cleaned and stored. Place organized bin back in the teacher's workroom.

    11. Fill out Lesson Completion Log on top of bin confirming that the lesson was taught (district requirement).


    Questions? Contact artmasterpiece@kgapto.com