• Volunteers, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the appropriate person on this page. We also have a mailbox in the teacher's workroom if you would rather leave a note.

    BIG thanks to everyone that makes this a worthwhile program for our kids, we couldn't do it without YOU!


    KGA Art Masterpiece Board: Chamin Higgins, Christine Weiss, Noemy Esparza-Isaacson, Amy Van Gels, Suganya Swamy, Sara Dutt, Maureen Towne, Banessa Sotomayor and Kristen Salloum  


    Grade Level Coordinators

    Grade level coordinators coordinate volunteers within a given grade level.  Their responsibilities include ensuring that volunteers have scheduled and taught their lessons.   They will also facilitate prep and training meetings with their grade level volunteers to do any advance preparation work and clarify questions regarding teaching the lessons.


    Kindergarten: Jenn McPhee

    1st grade: Amy Van Gels

    2nd grade: Maureen Towne

    3th grade: Srujal Parikh

    4th grade: Sapna Patel

    5th grade: Joelle Dilworth

    6th grade: Heather Catlin


    Art Masterpiece Program Coordinators


    Lead Coordinator: Chamin Higgins

    Supply Coordinator: Christine Weiss, Amy Van Gels

    Art Print Coordinator: Suganya Swamy

    Volunteer Coordinator: Chamin Higgins

    Publicity and Website Coordinator: Noemy Isaacson, Banessa Sotomayor

    Arts Night Coordinators: Christine Weiss, Kristen Salloum

    Lesson Coordinator: Maureen Towne

    Campus Art Coordinator: Sara Dutt

    Scheduling Coordinator: Prana Peddi


    Need to contact a coordinator? Please email: artmasterpiece@kgapto.com