CLOSED for 2018-2019
    for the 2019-2020 school year

    Children who are 5 years old by August 31, 2019 are eligible to enroll in kindergarten. However, children who turn 5 between September 1 and December 31, 2019 may participate in our testing sessions to assess child readiness for Boy with Pencil early entrance into kindergarten. All Kindergarten Readiness Testing (KRT) registration will be available online in early Spring. An Open Enrollment Application will also be required. The Open Enrollment Application helps the Elementary Education office match up the Kindergarten Readiness Testing registration from the Assessment office.
    The testing site will be determined at a later date. Please bring your child's original Birth Certificate and allow up to one hour for the assessment. The assessment is individually administered by a Kindergarten teacher. Test results will be mailed within two weeks of the testing date. If children are recommended for early entrance into kindergarten, they can enroll when the parent provides the test results letter stating the student has passed the KRT to the Attendance Technician/Registrar at the approved school.

    Test Information

    In order for children to qualify for early entrance into kindergarten, students must be able to demonstrate the following basic skills (Please note that the list below describes general concepts that are tested in the KRT). Due to the assessment being a secure document, we are unable to list every test concept or question.

    Social and Emotional Skills

    • Communicate clearly and answer questions in complete sentences
    • Separate easily from parents/caregivers without getting upset
    • Interact appropriately with adults
    • Follow simple instructions with 2 to 3 step directions
    • Know personal information (name and age)
    • Pay attention to a single task for an extended period of time

    Academic Skills

    • Identify upper and lowercase letters
    • Count to 20 and identify numbers
    • Basic Math skills
    • Identify colors
    • Identify shapes
    • Write his/her own name
    • Basic Literacy skills
    • Express ideas and thoughts verbally
    Fine/Gross Motor Skills
    • Ability to write with a pencil and color with a crayon
    • Use proper grip while using scissors
    • Cut with scissors

    Please note: If your student passes the Kindergarten Readiness Test (KRT), a kindergarten skills assessment will be administered with no fee to all kindergartners prior to the start of the school year. The skills assessment is scheduled by your student's home school.

    If your student has not yet demonstrated these skills, we would recommend that you consider one of our district's preschool or child care options. We have expanded our preschool options in order to accommodate varying levels of development. Please refer to the Community Education section of our website for additional information on other quality programs we offer.
    Getting our littlest CUSD students off to a great start is one of our most treasured responsibilities. We are excited to offer a variety of programs and services to you and hope to be able to accommodate your preschooler's needs.
    For information regarding the testing sessions, call the Assessment office at 480-224-3719.
    For information regarding our preschool options, call the Community Education office at 480-224-3914.
    For information regarding open enrollment, call the Elementary Education office at 480-812-7610. 
    Click here for more information regarding our kindergarten programs. 

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