• Hearing and Vision
    Each year students in preschool, kindergarten, those with IEP's, and those new to the Chandler Unified School District will have their hearing and vision screened.  Students in first grade, third grade, fifth grade, seventh grade, and ninth grade will only have their hearing screened.
    Below you will find the scheduled screening date for your child's school. 
    Parents:  If you do not want your child to receive a hearing and vision screening, you may opt-out.  Click here to access the opt-out form, which must be signed and returned to the health office at your child's school.
    Please contact the District's Audiologist, Lisa Biltimier ( biltimier.lisa@cusd80.com ), if you have further questions.
    2023-24 Schedule (Subject to Change)
    SCHOOL Screening Dates
    Andersen August 9th, 10th
    Auxier September 11th, 12th
    Basha September 13th, 14th
    Bologna October 17th, 18th
    Carlson November 29th, 30th
    Conley August 14th, 15th
    CTA Freedom August 16th, 17th
    CTA Goodman December 11th, 12th
    CTA Humphrey October 30th, 31st
    CTA Independence October 25th, 26th
    CTA Liberty November 15th, 16th
    Frye September 18th, 19th
    Fulton December 6th, 7th
    Galveston September 1st, 15th
    Haley December 4th, 5th
    Hancock July 31st, August 1st
    Hartford Sylvia Encinas November 13th, 14th
    Hull October 19th, 20th
    Jacobson November 27th, 28th  
    Knox November 6th, 7th 
    Navarette August 2nd, 3rd 
    Patterson November 8th, 9th  
    Rice August 28th, 29th
    Riggs August 21st - 23rd
    Ryan September 20th, 21st
    San Marcos September 5th, 6th
    Sanborn November 1st, 2nd
    Santan k-6 August 30th, 31st
    Shumway August 7th, 8th
    Tarwater October 23rd, 24th 
    Weinberg September 7th, 8th
    AJHS January 17th, 18th
    BJHS February 5th, 6th, 7th
    Chief Hill Academy  
    ACP Middle School March 4th, 5th, 6th  
    PJHS February 5th, 6th, 7th  
    SJHS February 4th, 5th, 7th  
    WJHS February 26th, 27th  
    CCHS February 12th to 16th  
    BHS January 29th to February 2nd  
    CHS January 22nd to 26th  
    HHS August 24th  
    ACP HS January 16th, 17th, 18th  
    PHS September 25th - 29th

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