Chandler Traditional Academies (CTA)

  • Chandler Traditional Academy - Freedom Campus  Chandler Traditional Academy - Freedom Campus (Traditional Academy)
    (480) 224-2600
    Chandler Traditional Academy - Goodman Campus  Chandler Traditional Academy - Goodman Campus (Traditional Academy)
    (480) 812-6900
    Chandler Traditional Academy - Humphrey Campus  Chandler Traditional Academy - Humphrey Campus (Traditional Academy)
    (480) 812-6800
    Chandler Traditional Academy - Independence Campus  Chandler Traditional Academy - Independence Campus (Traditional Academy)
    (480) 224-2700
    Chandler Traditional Academy - Liberty Campus  Chandler Traditional Academy - Liberty Campus (Traditional Academy)
    (480) 883-4900

About Chandler Traditional Academies (CTA) Schools...

  • CTA Schools – Back-to-Basics

    Teacher_kidsChandler Unified School District has nine traditional academy programs. The CTA schools offer a solid foundation of fundamental and higher level thinking skills primarily through direct instruction. The Language Arts Curriculum utilizes the Spalding phonics program. They offer Saxon Mathematics as the math curriculum. Additionally, the math instruction is advanced by one grade level. All traditional academies also offer special area classes such as library, music, physical education and technology. The students are also given the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular clubs or activities either before or after school.
    The CTA schools offer high quality learning experiences designed to build a solid academic foundation in literacy and mathematics for all students K—6.

    CTA schools are committed to providing a safe, structured learning environment where expectations for academic success are high and pride is evident. The programs emphasize the development of respect for others and personal responsibility.

    CTA students follow a uniform dress code that helps in maintaining an orderly environment, free from distractions. The children wear red, white or navy blue polo shirts, and khaki or navy pants, shorts or skirts. Shoes must adhere to the heel and flip-flops are not allowed.

    Chandler Traditional Academies:
    We request families register at only one CTA Traditional Academy. Please contact one of our five traditional academies regarding registration.  

    CTA Freedom – 480-224-2600

    CTA Goodman – 480-812-6900

    CTA Humphrey – 480-812-6800 

    CTA Independence – 480-224-2700

    CTA Liberty – 480-883-4900

    Traditional and Classic Together on the Same Campus:
    The traditional program is also offered at:

    Auxier Elementary – 480-484-8400

    Carlson Elementary – 480-224-3800

    Patterson Elementary – 480-224-3600

    Rice Elementary – 480-424-8500